Hard water is defined as having more than 1GPG (grains per gallon) of dissolved minerals in it (usually calcium, magnesium carbonate and /or manganese).
Hard water is measured in either PPM (parts per million) or GPG (grains per gallon).
NO. It runs through a Cation Exchange bed. Salt is used to “wash” this bed at “regeneration”.
That depends on the hardness of the original water. The table below shows the additional amount of sodium consumed by drinking ONE gallon of softened water.
Yes, at low levels, however at high levels e.g. above 2mg/ltr a filter specifically for iron is required.
Salt costs IR£4.75 per 25kg bag. The average family would use one bag per month.
Under normal conditions, it is normal for a softener to go over 15 years without needing to have the bed changed.
It greatly reduces the scaling of pipes, taps, pots, glasses and baths. You will use less detergents, soaps, shampoos etc. The water is more pleasant to wash with, less soap scum.
When you wash your skin with hard water, there is a layer of soap and minerals that is left on your skin. This is what causes the “squeaky-clean” feeling. With soft water, the soap is completely rinsed away leaving the natural oils your skin produces.
First, Magnetic “conditioners” have been around for about 30 years and are not a new item. Second, we ask if they work so well, why doesn’t everyone have one? There has been extensive research that has yet to find any scientific (non biased) proof from a reliable source that proves that magnetic conditioners are actually effective. If you have verified proof that a magnetic conditioner is effective, please send it to us!
We are a reputable, locally owned company that was here yesterday and we will be here tomorrow. We are often copied, but no one can match our quality service, products and price.

All softeners, regardless of price, should soften your water (i.e. reduce the hardness to 0 grains).

Some questions to ask before you buy one are:

• How long will the unit last?
• How often does it regenerate?
• How large is the grain capacity?
• What is the warranty?
• How long has the company been in business?
• Does the softener regenerate based on a time or actual water demand?
• How easy is it to change the settings and add salt to the  unit?
• How quickly can you get your questions answered and your problems solved?