We are proud to stock Kinetico water softeners and drinking water systems, they are both brilliantly designed and offer unrivaled reliability. As the world leader in water systems all Kinetico products are easy to use, offer unrivalled reliability and produce either the most luxuriously soft water or the ultimate in filtered drinking water on tap all day, every day.

Twin Tank

Unlike single tank water softeners, our unique twin-tank design guarantees you continuous soft water 24 hours a day. It doesn’t let hard water into your system!

Non electric water softener

With no plugs or using unnecessary electricity, our systems are easy to install with no programs to set, as the machine uses the natural flow of water.

10 year Guarantee

Kinetico products are renowned for their quality and reliability. To give you peace of mind, all our 2020c and 2050c models come with a 10 year guarantee.

40 years experience

With 40 years experience in the water treatment industry, Kinetico invented the world-leading, twin-tank, non-electric system. Nothing beats it.

Kinetico water softeners, brilliantly designed with outstanding performance

Kinetico water softeners take 11 minutes to regenerate and use only 20 litres of water to backwash, traditional electric softeners take between one and two hours to regenerate, using 150 to 250 litres of water. This is a huge saving with the advent of water charges. You never have to adjust the settings on Kinetico softeners. Because they are powered by the water you use, you will always have soft water regardless of how much water you use. So lets say you have family or friends staying with you, your Kinetico will adjust its self immediately to your soft water needs, and if you go on holidays, so does your Kinetico! Because of the non- electric design, Kinetico softeners are not affected by power outages.

Kinetico 2020c Water Softener

Our stylish and compact 2020c water softener is one of our best selling products and will fit easily under your kitchen sink.

For households with 1 – 3 bathrooms
Non-electric water softener
10 year parts warranty
Twin-tank design for continuous soft water, 24/7

Buying a Water Softener – What you Need to Know

Electric vs Non-electric? Unlike most water softeners, Kinetico softeners are powered by the natural kinetic flow of the water. This saves you money as you don’t use your household electric supply. There are no fiddly timing meters to set, they’re easier to install and there’s nothing to plug in.

Single vs Twin-tank? Water softeners need regenerating daily with salt to clear the magnesium and calcium (limescale) from the cylinders flushing the residue down the drain. The beauty of having a twin-tank softener is that this process can happen in one tank, while you still get lovely soft water from the other. Kinetico invented the non-electric, twin-tank water softener, introducing this innovative product to the UK some 40 years ago. Single-tank softeners are not so efficient and let hard water into your system for the period your tank is regenerating. A twin-tank system is the only product that provide you with luxuriously soft water 24/7.

Warranty: You wouldn’t by a car or any other household appliance without the reassurance of having a warranty. For complete peace of mind Kinetico offers a 10 year warranty on its 2020c and 2050c models, which few other manufacturers offer. With 40 years of manufacturing expertise we’re comfortable in the knowledge that we’ll always produce products that deliver a high level of quality and reliability, but the warranty is there should you need it.

Household water flow rate: Don’t be confused by numbers, we don’t expect you to know the flow rate of the water coming into your house; our qualified Kinetico engineers can tell you that by doing a test in your home. It is however important for us to know so we can suggest the best water softener product for you and your family.

Stamp of approval: When you’re presented with lots of different water softener products you’ll want to go with one that has been independently verified and has an industry stamp of approval. The Kinetico 2020c is the only water softener in the UK that has been awarded the British Standard 14743 accreditation and has the WRAS (Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme) approved status.

How much Block Salt do I need? We recommend that you’ll need one block of water softener salt for every member of your household per month. If you have four family members in the home, you’ll need approximately four blocks of salt per month putting in two at a time.

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